About Puzzle Media Production

Puzzle Media and Advertising is a full Production House & Marketing agency that launched in Egypt in 2014.

We offer services: Media Production , Digital Marketing , advertising , Product Photography and Branding. You are halfway to see the complete image of the puzzle, stay tuned …


Our Services For Clients

Media Production

We run a full-fledged production company that provides the standard range of high-quality media services from Pre to Post production ….


We provide fully integrated and exceptional marketing services for all areas to meet the needs and objectives of our clients , marketing plans goes above and beyond to meet your goals …


To craft a strong visual connection, a strong branding should come first brand devolvement is much more than just a simple logo branding it’s what you want people to think and feel when they see you

Website Development

web design is critical if you’re serious about growing your brand: it influences how your audience views you. You want a website that makes a great first impression, encourages them to interact with your content .

Commercial Photography

Photography is the art that never gets old, it’s always the best method to captivate your audience’s attention.
Vibrant photos help people remember who you are, it captures your unique personality and highlights your product details.

Social Media

We believe in the power of orchestrating conversations and conversions using the brilliance of social media marketing. Our processes of understanding and predicting social media content help us create content and design have proven to create exponential growth in conversation.


Projects We Have Done

– About Puzzle

Team Work

Committed and creative


Trust pays off


Somewhere on earth

Who We Are

Puzzle Media and Advertising is a full Production House & Marketing agency that launched in Egypt in 2014.

Our Vision

creating a new era of advertising to generate more value for our clients businesses throughout paying attention to the details , design , teamwork , singularity and integrity

Our Mission

Giving every entity its right to reach the largest number of potential customers
Through Puzzle’s propositions, assumptions, deep thinking, Iterate till all of the objectives are accomplished. Delivering exceptional experiences to every client, every time ..

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